The Green Dove Church is a religious establishment dedicated to teaching acceptance, love, forgiveness, and trust. We hold monthly events to engage with the community, meet new members, and discuss the struggles and joys of everyday life. We would love for you to join us.

Annual Ministry Retreat⁠

Every year Green Dove Church takes its existing members on a lovely retreat to meditate, listen, and learn about ourselves and one another. The focus is love and intention. Register Below.


Registration is available ONLY for Members who have been involved for at least one year.


Women's Bible Study

⁠Join us for a virtual bible study class for women every ⁠Wednesday evening from seven to nine at night. Meeting information will be shared via our weekly newsletter. We look forward to seeing you.


Get To Know Us

Joy Smith

Founder and Executive Director of Green Dove Church

Omar Johnson

Counselor at Green Dove Church

Andre Nils

Pastor at Green Dove Church

Jim Rodriguez

Pastor at Green Dove Church

Richard Butler

Attorney for Green Dove Board Member

Individual Counseling

Green dove would like to be an asset within your life. We offer weekly counseling for those you feel the necessity.